Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Semana 17: The week I don't remember

Oi amigos,

this week has been a little interesting. We started the week off with zone meeting in Araçatuba, which meant more traveling. It was pretty fun though. There's been a huge influx of missionaries, and my companion has been there the longest in the zone (almost 1 year in the same zone) so he's been lamenting a bit that all his friends are dead and he's just an old missionary surrounded by nobody that he knows haha. It's pretty funny. But we have received several novinhos which means i'm no longer the youngest in the zone, which somehow makes the mission better haha. the transfer that comes next we'll receive 26 new missionaries in the mission though, and there's been a lot of talk of novinhos training, which, i'm not saying i will train, but there's been a lot of talk of it happening.

We've been working a lot with a couple new investigators we have, one of them is a family, and the other is the girlfriend of a member. Both are SUPER open to everything we teach, keep our invites we give, and want to learn more. It's very exciting.

This week my companion and i got surprise assigned to speak in church, so i got to give a 10 minute talk, which i think was pretty good, but honestly i have no way of knowing haha. It was about how the Savior atoned for all of us and how we don't need to fear failure because we can always look to him for support, and then because i'm a missionary i threw in how we need to help people outside of the church and use our past experiences to show them that we understand, the same that the savior can empathize, etc. etc.

We've been working a lot with Our recently reactivated recent converts, Lucas and João, who are trying to serve missions. Their family aren't members, so it's tough for them to keep strong in their church attendance and to their standards, but i'm super proud of them for doing it. They'd been scared to serve for a while, cause they thought they'd be rejected by their parents when they returned, but this week their mom told them she thinks they should serve! I'm stoked for them and we already set up their interviews so they can get started with their applications.

love you all tons and i hope everything is going great.

-Elder Seaman

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