Monday, January 18, 2016

Semana 18

Bom dia gente,

eu espero que tudo mundo está bem. This week was SUPER good. We've been working a lot with several people who are getting very close to their baptisms, and this week we plan to have 2!!! We've been teaching this girl Alana who's been dating this guy Jared in our ward and clearly, as a mormon, he decided it wouldn't be very fitting to marry someone and have 2 different religions so he introduced her to us and lo and behold we have a baptism this saturday. At the last zone meeting, our zone leaders gave us some pretty hefty goals, so we decided to push for 2 baptisms. We considered who had the most potential, and we remembered another lady we've been teaching, Maria, and after practically turning the town upside down to find her on sunday and get her to church (long story) she wants to be baptized this saturday too!

We've also been teaching the daughter of Reginaldo, that super cool guy we baptized back in November, and she seems to really like the church and people. We were talking with Reginaldo, and seriously this guy is just amazing. He super humble and has the biggest heart and sometimes i think he does more missionary work than us. He was telling us about how hes been trying to share the gospel with his family as well cause he wants them to be as happy as he is, and asked us if we ever get sad about when people reject it. Yes. yes we do.

We've been doing a lot of divisions with some of the young men in the ward, which has been pretty fun. The last time, we stopped by the house of a guy, Jonathan, about 18 years old, who's walked into church a couple times, and we finally got around to visiting him. When we arrived he told us that his mom had died that morning. I honestly couldn't think of anything to say in portuguese or english. He invited us in though, and said it was good that we stopped by. We talked with him about the plan of salvation, and where his mom is, and a little about temple work. He went from bawling tears to seeming really content, so i was glad that we could help him. He invited us back, so well visit him this week.

The mission is a lot of work, and i always arrive at home exhausted, but it's worth it. We help people every day and get to see them change their lives, which is awesome. The only thing that kind of sucks is that now i'm starting to really like três lagoas, and i know one day ill have to go somewhere else. Until then.

Stay sweet
-Elder Seaman

P.S. here's a pic of my first family home evening in brazil!!!

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